Generation Z Learning Center will continue to uphold the principle of strengthening and encouraging childhood development on an emotional, intellectual, social, and physical level through a unique curriculum that includes and engages parents. Our curriculum is designed specifically for every developmental stage of education with specific learning activities and teacher-friendly learning plans. 

Curriculum Philosophy


Staff will prepare for each group they serve using the basics of Crafts, Playtime, Centers, Literacy, Fitness and Fun. Staff will prepare during naptime and asked to stay late some days to ensure that each classroom is prepared and ready to go for the next time. We have incorporated all the Early Learning Guidelines in our program by getting the training offered in Nebraska and implementing it into our program. 

Classes and Fees

A typical day at Generation Z Learning Center for
Toddlers, Preschoolers and School-agers

Our Core Values

One of the best times of the day in Generation Z Learning Center is creative learning time. Kids love the opportunity to create something exciting and fun. They get to use their imagination, they learn new things (especially colors and shapes), and they have something they made themselves to take home to mom and dad.  Generation Z Learning Center will have a good supply of basics to ensure that craft time is not short-changed for lack of materials. Everything is age appropriate designed for Toddlers, Preschoolers and School-agers We will use jump ropes, finger puppets, parachutes, musical instruments and so much more in Creative Arts. 

Generation Z Learning Center gives children the opportunity to develop to his or her full potential. Generation Z Learning Center provides equipment with which to learn in an environment that stimulates curiosity for science, and a nurturing caregiver who binds it all together. Generation Z Learning Center will have a play center area that will appeal to the multiple intelligences of science, whereby a child will learn. We allow the children to take control of his or her own learning, build teamwork, social acceptance. and encourages creativity in science. Generation Z Learning Center will have a science center, a reading center, an art center, and a rest center. Children learn through diverse modalities such as music, art, movement, kinesthetic actions, and verbal activities. Everything is age appropriate designed for Toddlers, Preschoolers and School-agers. 

One of the most fun spaces for children is the place where the old favorites linger. Things such as playdough, water wheels, soapsuds, flubber, finger paints and shaving cream all hold a special place in the hearts of children. These things can also be incorporated in to helping children have fun in learning math. Generation Z Learning Center is geared toward children learning in fun ways such as creating numbers using finger paints, counting out the number of items needed for each craft.  Plastic smocks or old-button shirts are used for protecting clothing. Everything is age appropriate designed for Toddlers, Preschoolers and School-agers 

Understanding that preschool children may be too young to read, but they should be read to and participate in discussions about the materials they are read. All of this is necessary for the early development of language and literacy skills. Generation Z Learning Center determines appropriate material to use for our literary activities. Here are some appropriate guidelines for preschool caretakers and teachers that will be used at Generation Z Learning Center. Everything is age appropriate designed for Toddlers, Preschoolers and School-agers 

Helping children engage in activities using their imagination, we explore new material and work through challenges the children may have. Everything is age appropriate designed for Toddlers, Preschoolers and School-agers 

Generation Z Learning Center has an indoor and outdoor playground, the backyard. Generation Z Learning Center understands that fitness for a child is critical during developmental years and can greatly affect their adult lives.  Everything is age appropriate designed for Toddlers, Preschoolers and School-agers 

Fitness programs can be as much fun for an adult as for a child. Set to music, simple bending and stretching routines can be done by children of different ages and stages. Letting the children take turns at calling out the exercises helps to get them involved. Under no circumstances, however, will a child be forced to participate in such activities. The purpose of these programs is to build a foundation for a lifetime of physical activity.
-Generation Z Learning Center provides other Fitness Fun Activities such as:
Indoor and outdoor obstacle courses balloon or beach ball volleyball, bean bag toss, angels in the snow nature hikes in both summer and winter. These activities that will encourage children to have some fitness fun while they strengthen their muscles, refine their balance and coordination and build confidence in themselves and their abilities. 

The environment of Generation Z Learning Center is sectioned off into a baby room, toddler area, preschool class, and an area for school agers to come in and do homework or relax and do research on a kid friendly web. The baby room is geared toward a safe environment to help mobilize and stimulant any baby’s growth. This room has baby beds, swings, soft music, small toys, and wonderful colors on the wall. The toddler room will be geared toward children who are walking and children’s who curiosity is at a peak, this room will have safe, healthy, friendly vibe to help children expand. The toddler room will have small tables, small shelves and other toddler items. The Preschool room will be set up like an early learning center environment, small tables and chairs, hard books, and supplies to help children learn their letter, numbers, shapes, and the basics before entering kindergarten. The School-agers room will be set up with bigger tables and shelves filled with books, a television, computers, and other items geared school-age children. This room will help them fulfill their homework assignments and stimulant their minds before and after school.  


We directly address each child needs


The program meets each child’s needs socially and emotionally


We will do this

For language and literacy skills, Generation Z Learning Center implemented language and literacy by promoting and supporting play, reading books, scribbling, back and forth communication, and interactions with adults. 


We do this

For creative arts skills, Generation Z Learning Center implemented materials and activities to provide creative arts experiences. The child’s experience should provide a process for self-expression rather than focusing on a specific product or outcome. Children are encouraged, not forced to participate in creative arts activities, in keeping with their level of development and individual interests. 






School Tour

Tour for prospective students.

1:00 pm-2:00 pm

Main Campus


Valentines Day Party

Please bring in your creative Valentine’s Day Boxes for our box contest. We will play games and have refreshments. 


Main Campus



Every Saturday you can visit our facility upon request  and do a hassle free enrollment. This is a great chance to see the work of our students, take your time and tour the facility without any interruptions. 

10:00 am-3:00 pm

Main Campus

No Child Left Behind Program

Each day your child will be taught age-appropriate learning tools. I have implemented a No Child Left Behind Program in my childcare. This program ensures that everyday your child is being taught, the main colors such as red, blue, green, yellow, pink, black, brown, white, orange and grey. They will also be taught math numbers. The main numbers that will be taught are 12345678910 and up to 20. The children will also be taught their alphabet, which will be broken down in to 3-4 alphabet a week. Infants will be taught appropriate material to encourage health growth and development. School age children will be assisted with tutoring and encourage to engage in activities that strengthens what is being taught in their class. Your child will have the opportunity to explore indoors and outdoors activities, weather permitting for outdoors. I also offer the children individual play and group activities daily. Here at Generation Z Learning Center, we provide cognitive, social, emotional and physical development to each child enrolled. We have a designated area for your child to read and explore books, each month we provide new books for your children’s imagination. Your child will be read to for 20 minutes a day, each day. We encourage parents to come during reading and read to your child’s class as well. Please call ahead for your child’s class reading time. We also have daily schedules available upon your request.

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