Right now, Generation Z Learning Center, does not provide care for children with special needs. This is area of service we will explore in the future. All prospective families will be given an interview before enrollment and be put under a temporary status of 30 days to see if the children enrolled are a fit for Generation Z Learning Center. Each family enrolled in Generation Z Learning Center are asked to sign a 1-year contract that spells out the specific of our learning center, as well as rules and regulations. After the 30day trial period, the family is notified if they have permanent placement with Generation Z Learning Center.  Families are encouraged to participate in all annual Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Harvest Day, and Christmas programs throughout the year. We also recognize birthdays and graduations. Families are encouraged to bring in treats for special events, read book to the children and volunteer during field trips. We communicate information to parents via notes home, phone, and email.


Parents Responsibilities

Childcare is available Monday through Friday except for closings as referred to in this handbook.
Actual days and hours are determined by the parent/guardian’s individual needs.
Please understand that the contracted drop-off time is important because I plan our day around the collective
time frame of each child as well as each other phase of our morning routine – please call me if you know that
you will be more than 15 minutes late.
Our contracted pick-up time is equally important; there are several things to do before the children leave –
snack time, calm down time, clean up (personal as well as day care room), shoes on etc. Of course, another
reason is to know my “quit” time so I can complete other evening commitments.

☺ Arrival and Greeting
☺ Breakfast and clean up.
☺ Bathroom and/or diaper change and hand washing
☺ Infants usually nap in the morning as well as the afternoon.
☺ Circle time (including calendar, songs, finger plays, story time etc.)
☺ Arts and crafts or other learning activity
☺ Bathroom and/or diaper change and hand washing
☺ Outdoor play (weather permitting) or other large muscle activity.
☺ Hand washing
☺ Lunch and clean up.
☺ Nap time
☺ Bathroom and/or diaper change and hand washing
☺ Snack and clean up.
☺ Free play
☺ Calm down time and TV/tablet – Children’s programs (approximately a half an hour before picking up
☺ Parents arrive to pick up children.
(Your child is released to my care after you leave the premises in the morning, and he/she is released to
your care as soon as you walk in the door at pick up time)

If illness or other emergencies should arise during childcare hours every attempt will be made to have a
substitute provider care for your child so that I can remain open for childcare. If substitute care is not
available, you will receive a phone call to pick up your child. Whenever possible medical and personal
appointments will be made after childcare hours however, if I must use childcare hours to secure
appointments every attempt will be made to have a substitute provider care. If a substitute is not available, I
will have to close my childcare center.

Please call me if you will be late dropping your child off late. It is especially important to me and the other
children to know our schedule (breakfast, etc.) and when we can move along from one activity to another.
I am sure you agree, personal time is precious; accordingly, it becomes extremely difficult and stress full to
have an appointment or other plans scheduled if I cannot depend on the mutually agreed pick up time. I do
understand that there may be an occasion of major traffic congestion or bad weather conditions causing a
delay in your travel – if you have a cellular phone, please call me and perhaps we can work out a
contingency plan. Consistent tardiness could be cause for termination. A $5.00 late fee for each additional
10 minutes past our agreed pick-up time will be payable upon arrival.

Potty training should not be rushed; it is important that your child is psychologically and physically ready
for training. Huggie’s Pull Ups (or other brand) must be provided by the parent/guardian during this
transition period, no regular style training pants or underwear will be used until your child maintains 2
continuous weeks of bladder/bowel control; of course if your child regresses after this 2-week period we
will assess the next step.

Childcare fees are paid in advance on a weekly basis – the Friday before the week begins or the last
scheduled day of attendance for the week. Payment obligation is based on the hours agreed to use childcare,
not on actual attendance. There is no change in fee due to your child’s absences. If your child is absent or I
am closed on the Friday before the week begins or the last scheduled day of attendance for the week, you
are responsible to make payment as agreed. In the case of your vacation or absence, please postdate your
check for the up coming date due and make payment before you leave.
Late payments – A $25 late payment fee (per child) applies for any payment not received on the Friday
morning before the week begins. If payment is not received on the Monday of the week an additional
$10.00 fee per day will be charged. Your child will not be permitted to return to childcare until both the
payment and the late fee are paid in full.
A personal check or cash will be accepted for payment, however if a check is returned for any reason and I
incur any bank charges from the return of your check, those charges will be added to the following weeks
daycare fee additionally because I am unable to use these funds my late fee for payment also applies. After
2 check returns, all further payments must be made in cash. Non-payment or consistent late payments is
cause for termination immediately with out 2 weeks notice.
A two week notice of any increase will be posted.

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